Sunday, July 15, 2012

My love of jewelry making keeps expanding into new techniques and adventures!  This weekend I visited one of my favorite places in Springfield, MO on a mission to learn more about leather working.  I visited, Springfield Leather Company and love their store because it is not only full of awesome products (jewelry making supplies and leather) but they have some of the greatest people that work there, who know their business.  On a usual basis over the past three years there are two associates I always look for there, Molly or Chris. They are so FULL of KNOWLEDGE and always help me out.

Molly and Chris are patient with me everytime I am trying to learn a new technique and searching for something special for my business. This weekend, Chris helped me through something I know almost nothing about, LEATHER.  I wanted to learn basics of punching and using button screw findings to recreate a bracelet that I saw.  He was so patient with me and thank goodness he could translate my descriptions of what I thought I needed.  He helped me walk away with more than I could have imagined.

So if you are ever in the Springfield area and are in love with jewelry making like me, go see them!
You can also visith their website at:

Here is an example of the some of the beautiful leather assortments I purchased:

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