Thursday, January 29, 2009

Find Your Passion

Jewlery is my passion and I enjoy designing unique pieces that are "Making Life Beautiful" . When you find something you are passionate about and enjoy~it doesn't seem like work. Jewelry making began as a hobby to make pieces for myself and slowly I received requests for my designs. I currently feature my designs at All Strung Out in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Welcome to Chic Designs

My love of jewelry has finally come full circle! This month I started my own small business, Chic Designs.

You may be like me, tired of the same old jewelry and wanting unique pieces at an affordable price. I understand and can help you! I believe every woman deserves a bit of beauty and I design and create unique pieces and am "Making Life Beautiful" one piece at a time.

Take the time to check out my blog and I will update this site with new pieces and would love your feedback.