Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trends for Summer 2012


The Mustache!

I "mustache" what the craze has been with a simple icon, the mustache.  It came out of no where and has been here to stay for some time.  There is still time to get some of these cute whimsical pieces.

The Collar Necklace, also seen as the Bid Necklace

These necklaces are beautiful and give you so many options, this example is named, Modern Peals and has sheer ribbon that connects in the back with the perfect clasp.  These can be created with chain or simply stringing an assortment of beads in one or multiple layers.  Get creative!


This is the easiest trend and allows you to use some of the jewelry peices you have in your wardrobe.  Take single bracelets that mix and match and stack them!  Use them in 3's for starters, they can be elastic stretch, leather, memory wire or a mixture of metals.  Time to get your style on...