Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Power of Printerest!

Many of you have ended up here on my blog from a link on Printerest and isn't it incredible the vast number of postings that fill our minds with "boards" of things we aspire to do?  I love to scan Printerest to see what is popular or what may inspire me.  Pinterest is like having the DIY and HGTV shows all at our disposal when we want, not waiting for the ideal project.  I was thinking today how great this must be for Moms that need a quick recipe or party ideas for their children.

What are your thoughts of Pinterest and how is it impacting you?  From recipes, homemade detergents/soaps to funny cat photos, what inspires you?  We would love to hear how you are utilizing Pinterest.

Happy pinning and please become a follower of my blog for upcoming specials/give aways.

Keep Making Life Beautiful,

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